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Clonazepam (Klonopin): Medicine to Control Panic Disorder and Anxiety

Clonazepam comes in market under brand name “Klonopin”. Clonazepam is a sedative pill. It is used to control fits of epilepsy. Additionally, it is thought that clonazepam’s actions in boosting GABA effects may block neuronal activity supposed to take place in amygdala fear producing circuits, aiding in the treatment of anxiety or panic attacks.

It is available in both liquid and solid form. It is taken by mouth. Clonazepam has positive effects in agoraphobia, and focal epilepsy. Overdose of clonazepam is not life-threatening, but may cause hypotension and low blood pressure.

Clonazepam Uses

Clonazepam belongs to benzodiazepines. Clonazepam 2mg is recommended for epilepsy patients. It works as anticonvulsant and antiepileptic drug. It is also used for the treatment of panic attacks. Like all other benzodiazepines, clonazepam calms your brain and nerves.

Clonazepam 500 mcg is used to treat seizures, involuntary muscle cramps, panic and sometimes restless legs syndrome (compulsive involuntary movement of legs). Clonazepam in UK is available on doctor’s recommendation only. It comes in both tablets and liquid form.

Where can I buy Galenika Rivotril online in UK?

While there are many stores that are selling sleeping pills online. One thing that you should check is weather medicines are not fake and should be bought from an authentic source such as Medicares. We are an authentic suppliers of sleeping pills online in Uk. You can buy Rivotril 2mg online in UK from our website.

Clonazepam Side effects

Clonazepam may cause some side effects. Consult your doctor if any of these symptoms are in severe level:

  • Drowsiness
  • Shakiness
  • Problems with coordination.
  • Difficulty in thinking
  • Increased saliva
  • Muscle pain
  • Frequent urination

Clonazepam dosage for sleep

0.25-2.0 mg dose of Clonazepam is usually prescribed for sleep. Clonazepam is an effective drug for REM sleep disorder. If you take Clonazepam for more than one disease then make sure its daily dose does not exceed 4mg.

What if I forget to take it?

If you forget to take clonazepam, take it immediately. However, if it is already time for next dose then take the recommended dose only. Do not over dose.

What does Rivotril 2 mg do to your body?

Clonazepam also known as Rivotril. 2.0 mg of Rivotril is frequently given for sleep. A good treatment for REM sleep disturbance is clonazepam. Make sure your daily dose of clonazepam does not exceed 4 mg if you take it for more than one disease.

What not to take with clonazepam?

Do not take alcohol or any other addictive substance with clonazepam. Avoid clonazepam with sleeping pills because it causes drowsiness and can boost the effect of sleeping pills.

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