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How To Avoid Vomiting During Traveling

While traveling one might go through motion sickness which makes you dizzy and nauseous. You may face this condition while traveling by bus, car, ship or plane etc. Your body goes through this situation when your sensory nerves receive signals from ears which might not be similar to what your eyes are experiencing. This difference in experiences makes your body and nervous system confused due to which your body gets sick and dizzy. This situation is common in the majority of the people who travel a lot. Your body might react to this differently and there are chances that your situation might get worse. This can result in headache, irritation in the ear, shivering in the body and anxiety. Motion sickness does not have a permanent impact on your body, it’s just there for a certain time period and troubles you in traveling. Once you start facing this situation, there are different ways which help you in treating and avoiding vomit which is one of the symptoms of motion sickness. 

  • Medication

There are different supplements which you must take with you, before traveling. Dimenhydrinate is one of the safest and most common medicines which you can have in this condition. This relaxes your body and prevents the symptoms of motion sickness. If your condition gets worse and does not get better, Scopolamine can be used in this regard. Scopolamine is present in the form of a patch which goes behind your ear. Before the symptoms start you may apply it, to avoid making your condition worse. This also plays a great role in preventing all the symptoms your body might feel due to motion sickness. These medicines can be taken one or two hours before traveling. All these medications are to be used by your doctor’s advice since not all the medicines can suit your body and may have different side effects. 

  • Pressure Points In The Body

There are some treatments that help you cure your vomit or nausea. For instance, there are some pressure points in your body which relaxes your mind and body. Motion sickness or vomits may make you feel dizzy and lazy. You can cure them by putting pressure on your left palm with the help of your right fingers and thumb. Massage your palm gently for a few minutes or until you feel better. One of the other pressure points which may relax you is pericardium 6 which is present on the palm. You can massage this point by keeping your fingers on the upper side and thumb on the lower, while your palm faces you. These are the two important pressure points which help you instantly. 

  • Consuming Ginger

It has been proven that ginger is best for curing vomit or motion sickness. You may intake ginger in any form, either in a form of candy or fresh ginger crushed and mixed in water. If you do not like a gingery flavor in your food, you may try ginger ale, a fizzy drink with ginger in it. This may give you an instant relief and can make you enjoy your traveling. 

  • Consuming Lighter Meal

Throughout the trip, try to intake lighter meals. Prevent having a heavy meal which will make your stomach full. This may cause a serious nauseous condition which can make your body suffer. If you feel hungry, take snacks or a small portion of the meal. This way, your appetite will be satisfied and your body might prevent vomiting. 

  • Maintaining Your Body Posture

Sitting in just one place for a longer time while traveling, your body might get tired. Try lying down for a while which will regulate your blood flow. If you keep your body posture the same for hours, you might feel nauseous. It’s better to keep moving your body, either lay down or stand up if you have space. Maintaining your body posture plays an important role in preventing vomit or other effects of motion sickness. If you are traveling in a car, try sitting at the front, this will create less chances for you to get sick. Keep your mind busy with other things. For example, listening to music may help you distract yourself. 

  • Proper Ventilation

While traveling, if you experience severe motion sickness try sitting near a window if possible. It is important to take care of your oxygen level mostly while traveling as it is one of the major reasons for motion sickness. One sitting at the window seat is less likely to get motion sickness than the one sitting on the middle seat. Roll down the window and enjoy the fresh clean air (while traveling in a car or bus etc.) which will regulate the oxygen level. 


Keeping yourself busy with music or interacting with your fellows might help you prevent your nauseous condition. Sometimes, it’s more of a mind game. Your mind continuously reminds you of your sickness and makes it worse for you. It is better if you take precautions before traveling. Hence, taking medications two or three hours before traveling might help you. These medicines you can easily buy from our online  Medicares UK pharmacy on your doorstep with any delay. If you do not want to go with medicines, there are other options which are simple and healthier for you but take time to effect. Moreover, if you keep traveling more often, your body gets habitual and you would never feel motion sickness again. Study your body and identify what makes it sick and nauseous. 

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