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Pregabalin 300mg Nervigesic

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Pregabalin 300mg Nervigesic oral capsule is used to treat neuropathic pain (caused by damaged nerves due to diabetes, shingles, or spinal cord injury), fibromyalgia (pain all over your body), partial-onset seizures when taken with other seizure drugs. Get 56 capsules in one box.

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Pregabalin Nerviguard 300mg 

Pregabalin Nerviguard 300mg is an anticonvulsant and anti-epileptic medication . It functions by reducing the speed of seizure-inducing brain impulses. Pregabalin also has an impact on brain chemicals that transmit pain signals to the neurological system. 

What Is Pregabalin Nerviguard 300 mg Used For?

Pregabalin is used to treat fibromyalgia pain, nerve pain from diabetes ( diabetic neuropathy), herpes zoster (post-herpetic neuralgia), and pain from spinal cord injury. For the treatment of partial onset seizures in adults and children who are at least one month old, Pregabalin is also used with other drugs. 

Precautions While Taking Pregabalin Nerviguard 300mg

You should not use Pregabalin Nerviguard 300mg if you have the following medical conditions: 

  • Kidney disease or if you are on dialysis 
  • Diabetes unless you are taking Pregabalin to treat diabetic neuropathy 
  • A mood disorder 
  • Depression or suicidal thoughts 
  • A bleeding disorder 
  • Low levels of platelets in your blood 
  • A severe allergic reaction 
  • A mood disorder ( Angioedema) 

Side Effects Of Pregabalin Nerviguard 300mg

Common Side Effects Include

  • Tiredness 
  • Swollen hands and feet 
  • Difficulty concentrating 
  • Dizziness 
  • Weight gain 
  • Increased appetite 
  • Dry mouth 
  • Blurred vision 

Serious Side Effects

  • Breathing problems 
  • Confusion 
  • Extreme drowsiness 
  • Skin sores if you have diabetes 
  • Easy bruising 
  • Unusual bleeding 
  • Swelling of your hands and feet 
  • Rapid weight gain (especially if you have diabetes or heart issues ) 
  • Unexplained muscle pain 
  • Tenderness 
  • Weakness, especially if you have a fever 

The Recommended Dosage Of Pregabalin Nerviguard 300mg 

Pregabalin is typically taken 150mg twice daily, however, some individuals may require a larger dose. Beginning with a low dose of 75 mg administered twice daily, your doctor will gradually raise the dosage. This lessens the possibility of negative effects while allowing your body to adjust to the medication. 

How To Take Pregabalin Nerviguard 300 mg? 

Pregabalin may be taken with or without food. If taking Pregabalin makes you feel queasy, try taking it with food. Take Pregabalin at regular intervals every day. Pregabalin should be used regularly than only when your nerve pain becomes severe. While taking Pregabalin, limit or stay away from alcohol, Pregabalin and alcohol use can raise your risk of falling by making you feel more sleepy, drowsy, or dizzy. 

From Where Can I Buy Pregabalin 300mg Nerviguard In The UK? 

On our website Medicares UK, Pregabalin can be easily purchased. If you purchase Pregabalin 300mg Nerviguard online, we provide simple and quick delivery. Pregabalin can be expensive in the UK, but utilizing our portal, you can buy Pregabalin cheaply in the UK. 

How Much Time Does Delivery Take Place 

Next-day delivery is one of our top objectives, Pregabalin 300mg Nerviguard can be purchased online without the need for a trip to the pharmacy or any other strenuous activity. Delivery will occur the next day. You can purchase Pregabalin from us and can benefit from the greatest online shopping experience.


Is Pregabalin suitable for everyone?

Only adults should use Pregabalin. People above 65 may not be able to use it. Give it to those who are older than 18 only. 

What should I do if I miss a dose? 

If you forget a dose, take it as soon as you remember. Skip the missed dose if it will be less than two hours before your next dose and take your next dose and take your next dose as scheduled. You must regularly take this medication if you have epilepsy. A seizure could start if a dose is missed.

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